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London based footwear brand Duke+Dexter call up SOLDIER for their new release.

the Lagos bred artist, Leonard Iheagwam popularly known as “SOLDIER” or “soldierboyfriend”

first gained attention in the London and Nigerian youth scene as one of the Motherlan boys.

He has since gone on to make a name for himself as a multi disciplinary artist

known for his military aesthetic with the camo prints and figures.

now, Soldierboyfriend has become one of the most exciting faces in London’s modern art scene.

For their latest release, Duke and Dexter team up with the artist to give birth to the TIGER CAMO 001 loafers.

for the tiger camo 001, the Wilde penny loafer was redesigned to feature SOLDIER’s signature tiger-camo cotton canvas on the vamp.

this is the first time the brand would be working with an artist on a footwear

and according to them the shoes represent a real life example of working against the grain.

something soldierboyfriend has tasked himself with. i.e creating art that is functional and exists in the real world.

the loafers were officially released on the 27th of July and are available on the Duke + Dexter website for about N276,800.

what is particularly interesting about the shoes is the number of references it points too

from art, to skateboarding to modern styling, the TIGER CAMO 001 finds a way to blend them all.

The loafers are definitely a step (pun intended) in the right direction for the artist.

What do you think about the Duke+Dexter x SOLDIER collab?

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