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The Wafflesncream x Pith Africa Collab speaks to the undeniable growth of African skate culture.

As an outspokenly dedicated skate brand

Waf. have been on the forefront of skate and street culture expansion

not just in Nigeria but in west Africa as a whole.

I mean, just this year alone aside hosting a number of skating challenges and releasing their “Waf. babes” capsule

the brand boasts off Collab’s with Dakotas, thisisus and kasi flavour10 to name a few.

these collaborations and the events held to celebrate the releases are very Intentional from the brand

it’s what drives their ever growing community of like-minded creatives.

Pith have also seen their fair share of activities this year.

from a couple of new drops and being spotted on Rema for his Native land cover

to hosting a giveaway on the mainland in Lagos.

Pith Africa has been very much involved in putting Nigerian street wear on the actual streets.

Aside the cliché “community building”, another benefit of efforts in collaboration from these brands

is the exposure it gives to the emerging talents in the Nigerian Skate culture and Creatives in the street-wear space as a whole.

this particular campaign features up and coming models, photographers, and designers from Lagos

that are currently in the spotlight, thanks to the platform of the collaboration.

according to Hypebeast Africa, The founders of Pith Africa sat down to share their inspiration, approach, and vision for this exciting partnership

the official release is set for the 26th of July followed by a special Pre-release Pop-up event on July 29th as part of the celebration.⁠

What do you you think about the Wafflesncream x Pith Africa Collab and how much do partnerships like this affect African Skate culture?

check out details for the special Pre-release Pop-up event on July 29th below

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