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youth, community, and the sheer drive to dominate. these are the main principles that Corteiz,a U.K based street-wear brand preaches to a fanbase that has become a cult following. the leader of this street-wear monolith, CLINT (clint419) embodies the codes of the brand. with his mission to “ruletheworld” and take those who are by his side along with him. the rebellious and free spirited nature of the cortiez creative director and founder. has gained him the attention of young people in London and beyond. something Nike wanted to tap into with their collaboration on the Airmax 95’s.

Now you have to understand that in the UK the Airmax 95’s or 110’s are a fan Favorite. so it was the perfect piece for the two brands to collaborate on. the roll out for the Collab has been pulsating so far, something CLINT has perfected over the years.

The first public hint at the Collab was in January. when the corteiz Alcatraz logo and the Nike logo showed up on the Niketown frontage in oxford London. CLINT’s next post on Instagram then featured a pair of the unreleased sneakers. with a caption speaking about the Collab, stating that it was no coincidence.

The pair of unreleased sneakers found it’s way to the 2023 Brits award. seen of the feet of olaouslawn, the U.K based Nigerian that designed the prestigious award. the hype has only been going up ever since.

The brand then went on to tap into their compulsive nature, and create a soccer cross bar challenge. teaming up with a player at real Madrid football club Eduardo camavinga. the challenge created even more buzz around the sneaker, something not new to corteiz. but this might arguably be their biggest Collab till date.

History of Corteiz and Nike

unknown to some of the fans of the London based street-wear brand. the earliest interaction Corteiz had with Nike was when the brand sued corteiz founder, Clint. in 2021. the lawsuit was as a result of the similarity between the corteiz name and one of Nike’s famous product line, the cortez sneaker.

When will the sneaker it be released?

The corteiz airmax 95 will be available this march. according to clint on IG. a promo clip released few days ago featuring Jorja smith, olaoluslawn (a frequent collaborator) and phil foden. to name a few. revealed other colorway’s of the highly anticipated sneaker.

the green and black colorway of the sneaker that has been circulating, features the corteiz logo. seen on the toe and heel. with a camouflage print as the inner lining.

the crtz air max 95 is set to launch for £169. check out the promo clip below

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