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Pharrell and NIGO recently auctioned off timeless pieces from NIGO’S collection on JOOPITER.

In 2003, Pharrell Williams had a chance encounter with NIGO that transformed the way he approached collecting.

Fast forward to 2023, and the duo, both renowned multi-hyphenates, are making waves in the world of auctions

with “From Me to You,” a digital-first auction featuring gems from NIGO’s legendary archive.

NIGO, celebrated for his meticulous and diverse collections, has turned his home into a captivating museum.

From an extensive Star Wars collection to vintage tube TV sets

and the timeless allure of Charlotte Perriand and Jeanneret furniture

NIGO’s treasures are nothing short of legendary.

So, when he decided to part ways with some of these prized possessions,

it sent shockwaves through the collector’s world, particularly for Pharrell.

Coinciding with Pharrell’s newfound perspective on collecting, the “From Me to You” auction

kicked off on the innovative JOOPITER platform on November 9th, with bidding set to close on November 12th, 2023.

This digital-first approach echoes the evolving landscape of auctions

making rare and exceptional items accessible to a global audience at the click of a button.

In a poignant excerpt from the auction foreword, Pharrell reflects on the transient nature of collecting

“As we get older, we realize that some of the things we collect never end up seeing the light of day again and even sometimes lose the sparkle they once held in our heart.”

pharrell willams

This sentiment encapsulates the essence of the auction: a celebration of memories and a chance for these treasures to find new homes and bring joy to new collectors.

“From Me to You” transcends the conventional auction experience.

It is not merely a transaction; it is a shared journey through time, memories, and the evolution of two visionary collectors.

Pharrell and NIGO invite the world to join them on this digital and physical odyssey

The auction promises not just remarkable acquisitions but a reflection on the transformative power of collecting, preserving, and passing on the stories behind each piece.

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