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High-end clothing brand and an experimental workshop, Thirsty Laboratory.

recently showcased their latest collection on the enchanting streets of Milan.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria, Thirsty Laboratory is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of fashion.

Renowned for their deconstructive and bohemian design language, executed mainly with denim and cotton fabrics,

Thirsty Lab brought their distinct African flair to the fashion capital of the world.

The “Jeanius Sanitarium v1.01” collection is a testament to their unwavering dedication to creativity and innovation.

What sets the presentation of this collection apart is how it manages to bridge the gap between two seemingly distant worlds.

Milan, renowned for its high-fashion elegance, and Lagos, a bustling metropolis with a unique creative energy, find common ground in this collection

The juxtaposition of structured silhouettes with unexpected bursts of color and texture challenges preconceived notions of fashion, inviting us to embrace the unexpected.

Thirsty Lab first gained popularity for selling one-of-one, exclusive denim pieces.

Since then, “Wear thirsty” quickly caught the attention of celebrities’ and streetwear enthusiasts alike, allowing it to amass a reasonable following.

Fast forward to July 2023, and the thirst lives on.

Thirsty laboratory debuts the anticipated Jeanius Sanitarium v2.0.0 campaign in Milan

during the Milan Fashion Simulation Show.

The campaign is a follow up to the Jeanius Sanitarium v1.01

and featured the very recognizable reconstructed/deconstructed theme.

Other standout details from the collection include reverse stitching, patchwork, and bold graphics on a wide range of garments.

From showcasing on the stands at the homecoming festival, to launching a new store in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria

and now to a global fashion capital.

Thirsty lab is certainly a Nigerian owned elevated streetwear brand to watch out for

and will only continue to receive global and local recognition for it’s blend of boundary pushing designs and innovative techniques.

check out looks from the Jeanius Sanitarium v2.0.0 below

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