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Nigerian artist Ife Olowu

Meet Ife Olowu, the Nigerian artist who literally brings his art to life using technology.

from a scene of a man playing joyful tunes on his flute, to birds flying in the air over busy streets of Lagos

to a car zooming past a dark, shady street at night.

Ife Olowu uses Augmented reality to create a whole new experience with his art.

Olowu’s approach is a harmonious marriage of artistic ingenuity and cutting-edge technology.

By leveraging AR, he infuses his creations with life, enabling them to dynamically interact with their environment and the viewer.

A stroke of his virtual brush can transform a static painting into a dynamic dance of colors, while his sculptural pieces can unfurl narratives that seem to emerge from another dimension.

It’s as if his art has broken free from the confines of the physical world, offering a glimpse into a reality where imagination and technology coalesce.

In an interview with CNN earlier this month, the artist narrates his thought process

and how he decided to incorporate technology into his art.

we’ve been seeing the usual paint on canvas, I decided to do something unique

something extraordinary.

Ife Olowu for CNN

In what he describes as “art work for the future”, Ife is carving a niche for himself by blending his hand painted art on canvas

with the boundless abilities of artificial intelligence.

he does this by taking a picture of the finished painting, then uploads it online

to augument it using tech tools to add effects like light, sound, etc.

so at his exhibition, all visitors have to do is scan a code with their phone and then hold it up to the painting

to see the hidden messages and details.

Ife’s approach makes a strong case for art collectors and lovers to experience art with multiple senses.

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