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Introducing “From Rags (Lati Akisa),” the latest collection from Born Star ng, the sustainable fashion brand founded by the visionary Ade Damola Adebayo.

Debuting at Lagos Fashion Week official Woven Threads on April 19th, and in collaboration with The Maison Mystic for accessories, this collection is a social experiment and a statement on sustainability.

Born Star ng, under the creative guidance of Ade Damola Adebayo, has consistently pushed boundaries in the Nigerian fashion scene since it’s very recent emergence, with its innovative approach to sustainability.

With Project 3, “From Rags (Lati Akisa),” they continue to challenge the fast fashion mentality by transforming discarded materials into high-value pieces.

Adebayo shares, “Through this collection, I hope to inspire a shift in values, encouraging viewers to rethink their relationship with clothing and consumption.”

“From Rags (Lati Akisa)” is a masterful blend of artistry and environmental consciousness.

Each piece in the collection is crafted from leftover fabrics and second-hand garments sourced from local markets.

This not only minimizes waste but also maximizes creativity, turning what is often deemed waste into beautiful, wearable art.

The collection serves as a platform for local artisans to showcase their skills in upcycling, hand knitting, embroidery, and complex patterning.

By providing fair compensation and empowering the artisans responsible for the collection,

Born Starng promotes a more equitable and community-driven approach to fashion.

This initiative not only highlights the incredible talent within the Nigerian fashion industry,

but also emphasizes the importance of sustainable practices in creating high-quality fashion.

Models: @thesamuelamachree @blaq_fave @o.obaze @ibukungrace_ @Chideraenwelum @oyinlolaokunlola_ @_realfathia

Images : @adedamola.bng

Photography: @samiist_photography_

Creative direction and footwear designer: @adedamola.bng

Makeup Artist : @fablooksbykenny

Upcycling Nigerian brands like Born Star ng are leading the charge in redefining the fashion industry.

Their commitment to sustainability and community empowerment is evident in every stitch of the “From Rags (Lati Akisa)” collection.

By transforming discarded materials into exquisite fashion pieces, they challenge the disposable nature of fast fashion and foster a greater appreciation for the craftsmanship involved in creating sustainable fashion.

Join Born Star ng and Ade Damola Adebayo in this journey towards a more sustainable future. The “From Rags (Lati Akisa)” collection is about changing perspectives and inspiring a more thoughtful approach to consumption.

This collection is a testament to the beauty of creating something extraordinary from what others might overlook

proving that with creativity and dedication, fashion can indeed be sustainable and equitable.


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