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 I spent my younger years in a white garment, with no shoes on Sundays. One thing I loved the most about attending a white garment church was the harvest season, in particular the juvenile harvest, also referred to as the ‘children’s harvest’. As the word ‘harvest’ suggests, it was a period for ‘harvesting the crop’ sowed through out the year, so it was a celebratory and festive season, that involved a lot of prayer, thanksgiving and feasts. One of the most memorable things for me was the prayer bag I would wear, aside the food and music, obviously. The bags had very bold and powerful words in my native language, ‘Yoruba’. Words (with memories) that inspired me in designing this collection.

In 2012, Mr Garbe launched as a street wear brand, with the objective of sensitising the youth towards African culture, whilst creating affordable and fashion-forward T-shirts. This collection is a collaborative effort between Mr. Garbe and JZO, one of Nigeria’s biggest ready-to-wear menswear brands, which created our first ever capsule collection. It represents our evolution in the collaboration with brands who share our vision.

As we know, the world is currently in a dark place with constant terrorist attacks, natural disasters and epidemic diseases, so it is our aim to send good vibes into the universe with our 4 keywords

‘Lero’ – Easily

‘Ominira’ –  Liberation/freedom

‘Alafia’ –  Peace

‘Ife’ – Love.


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