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Lagos Fashion and Design Week is officially upon us once again,from the 25th-28th October, Lagos will play host to all the fashion lovers/enthusiasts under one roof to view the latest Spring/Summer 2018 collection from our Nigerian designers #LFDW.

Another thing that gets us excited here is all the #streetstyle shots we get to see during the 4-day LFDW fashion takeover,in anticipation of that we decided to give you easy tips to get you streetstyle snapped at Fashion Week


If the show starts for 4:00 arrive by 3:00, its really simple make sure you arrive atleast an hour or an hour thirty minuets( in the day time) before the runway shows kick off because thats when the streets will be buzzing with all the streetstyle activities. Once the show kicks off barely will you meet people engaging in streetstyle till after the runway shows.

Another reason to arrive on time is so you don’t show up when the celebrities are,because you and your outfits will be overlooked if WIZKID or TOKE MAKINWA are in the building, its simple logic,expect you are more famous than them then this can be overlooked in your situation but if not, You better arrive in time!


its fashion week…YES! Your trying to stand out and get noticed…..YES!

but the problem here is that a lot of people miss it because they are trying too hard with the outfits and all the things going on that the outfit becomes distasteful and this can almost show if you don’t own the look.

in this case we advice you dress according to your style and own every part of that look because its natural for a photographer to go for an individual whose owning his/her look compared to someone who has all the designers on but still doesn’t seem be well put.

get it ? – in summarisation be comfortable in your own look and if you must step outside your comfort zone make sure to own the whole 9


just like the saying goes “Two heads are better than one”, well thats the same in this fashion situation.

We can all agree to an extent it gets boring doing stuff by yourself,so why not get a fashion week partner in crime – it just makes the fashion week stress more fun.

get ready together, get thoughts on your outfits together, arrive together and if no streetsyle photographer decides to snap you, well let your fashion week partner get you all the shots you need.

Afterall what are friends for ? and also the best streetstyle shots are the ones that are partnered up #PROTIP

Digital Cam,laptops( for content curators),power banks/chargers……..check
Fashion week partner………..check
Are we on time?……check check check

Now we have all this together, one last thing! Make Sure You Walk the LFDW streets like its your runway and make sure to own it like Pro.

Thanks for stopping by

Photography By HENRI UDUKU


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