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Nigerian Menswear brand MXVV has released their DRY 2016 collection “HE WHO LOVES IN THE PANT”

According to the brands creative Director:

HE WHO LIVES IN A PANT He is you, He is me. Locked in his heart is pain untold. He had free reigns but no where to go. Thinking those walls holds on the answers. To finds his balance in his favorite words; Cocaine, Codeine, Steroid, Girl, Happy, Boy, Love, Murder 8, Weed, Baby, Heaven, Simple Sermon, Peace. Yet, cold pure wind penetrates his soul. Now that he feels good, Give him something bad to look at. As he counts the ceilings, While he Lives in his pant.

Credits Brand MXVV: @mxvv_ng Photography: Ogoh Clement Art direction and styling: Tokyo James Model: Seun Logan PR/enquiries: [email protected]


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