When time comes back to see they’ll know I created, they’ll know I fought the drought and crafted only to clear the air and quench the  gap. This shall speak many truths in its simplicity.
Endangered by the fear. Isn’t there a story to wear.
Whatever the past is, the new ones have come to stand.
Numbers cannot come down any more, stand for what you want.
Do you think you’ll fail, okay. But try first.
Rally around everyone who is ready for the future.
I know it will take a while, but patience will transgress the regression.
Let hope beacon.
Only create what you need to say with your soul.


Creative Direction/Styling– Segun adeyemo
Photography– Thompson .S. Ekong(TSE)
Models – Emmanuel.F and Mide.I of Zahara model Management
Make up – Princess Igwe for Princess Signature
Location scout– kelechi A
Designer – Maxivive
Text By – Baroque Age


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