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scenes from our homecoming festival 2023

the activities for the highly anticipated homecoming 2023 festival took off on a great note, to say the least.

aside all the great activities our homecoming has to offer

it is genuinely a platform for like minded Nigerian youths

to converge in a space where they feel at home.

and boy, did they come home !

the homecoming faithful’s in Nigeria along with a handful from the Diaspora, turned up in their numbers for the pop-up at the ALÁRA store

to see their favorite home grown and international brands on display.

from streetsouk, meji meji, and Waf. to brands like Stussy, Casablanca, and Nocta.

it was a mini street-wear convention at the pop-up.

Olaoluslawn and Trapstar giving out free merch

As promised, EKPO was on ground to cover the event in real time.

the homecoming festival always has some of the best streetstyle Lagos has to offer

with fashion enthusiasts from all over showing up to showcase their styling prowess.

we saw a lot of shorts and trainers in the menswear looks.

which was expected seeing it’s officially spring season.

head gear also seemed to be a priority, with hats and scarfs appearing consistently on ensembles.

check out some of our best fits from our homecoming 2023 below

our homecoming 2023 street style

what do you think about homecoming 2023 street style?

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