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Meet Meji Meji, a Nigerain streetwear brand pulsating with the rich essence of black culture

while aiming to ignite a sense of boldness and liberation

in those who proudly embrace it.

Meji Meji, a brand that stands at the intersection of heritage and modernity, has been making waves since its inception in 2020.

Founded by Tolu Oye, a FIT-trained visionary raised in New York, the brand draws inspiration from

the fusion of Nigerian and African American cultures, embodied in its very name.

“Meji,” meaning double in Yoruba, perfectly encapsulates the essence of this fashion house.

in an interview with, Tolu explained that the name reflects the dual nature of Nigerian and African American cultures

capturing the spirit of duality and unity in one’s identity.

The brand is a testament to the interconnectedness of these cultures and serves as a vibrant celebration of their fusion.

The heart of the brand lies in proudly showcasing black culture while evoking a sense of empowerment and community

with an ethos that goes beyond mere clothing to crafting a narrative, fostering togetherness, and embodying liberation in its creations.


In its latest release. the brand partnered with the South African-based Broke Boys Collective

to present a collaboration that amplifies the brand’s commitment to solidarity within the African diaspora.

The release features the striking Uniform Tank tops, exemplifying the brand’s dedication

to representing culture in a contemporary and audacious manner.

Modeled by Sindiso Tshuma and Andile Dlamini from the Broke Boys Collective.


Tolu Oye’s vision for her brand is deeply rooted in her personal history.

The brand’s name is an homage to her grandmother’s street, “Ore Meji St,” adding a personal touch and a connection to her heritage.

This isn’t merely a clothing line; it’s a narrative steeped in history and family, intertwining the past with the present to create a vibrant future.

The essence of the brand isn’t limited to its designs but is also embedded in its mission

to build a community that stands together, celebrating and embracing its cultural roots

a great example is it’s affiliation with the Lagos alte community.

The brand’s efforts go beyond fashion, aiming to create a movement that fosters pride in identity and a sense of belonging.

Meji Meji stands as a testament to the power of fashion as a means of storytelling.

It paints a vivid picture of cultural duality and unity while fostering a sense of liberation and empowerment.

Through its collaborations, designs, and the visionary leadership of Tolu Oye

The brand shines brightly as a torchbearer for black culture and unity in the fashion world.

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