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TJWho showcased it’s capsule collection 4 in Paris earlier this Month.

the elevated casual (formerly menswear) now universal brand

is successfully refining it’s unique blend of western and African design, with eye-catching silhouettes.

the brand was amongst 5 winners from the 3rd edition of the @africa_fashion_up event

that were selected to represent the African Continent at the @quaibranly Museum on the 7th of july 2023.

the aim of the fashion-up event is to showcase a variety of exciting new talent in the fashion space.

TJWho showcased alongside Yonael Marga from Addis Ababa

Shamyra Moodley from Capetown South Africa

Kente Gentlemen, Zaady official and Eric Raisina.

captioned “DÉFILÉ”, the French word for “parade”

the looks from the capsule collection 4 featured an even tone color palette and sophisticated cuts.

the collection makes a strong statement for how cross cultural elements can be imbedded into design.

check out some of the looks below.

what do think about the TJWho capsule collection 4 presented in Paris?

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