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In the pulsating rhythm of Nigerian streetwear and street culture

A singular event consistently commands attention: Our Homecoming, an annual celebration orchestrated by the visionary Grace Ladoja.

Originating as a conduit for cultural exchange among Nigerians in the diaspora

It has metamorphosed into a vibrant creative community where music, fashion, sport, art, and lifestyle converge.

Evolving each year, Our Homecoming not only cements its influence in the Lagos-Nigerian youth culture scene

but emerges as a formidable player shaping the broader tapestry of African contemporary youth culture.

Our Homecoming x WeLoveYa Festival

The latest chapter in the Our Homecoming saga took a bold step as it joined forces with the “WeLoveYa” festival in Benin Republic.

This annual music festival, boasting over 50,000 attendees, provided the perfect stage for Our Homecoming to amplify its impact.

Over 20 urban and Afrobeat artists came together to create an unforgettable experience

merging the rich cultural tapestry of Nigeria with the vibrant energy of the West African region.

A Taste Maker in African Youth Culture

Our Homecoming’s journey has been marked by its keen eye for talent, not only in Nigeria but across the continent.

It has evolved into a contemporary tastemaker, recognizing and promoting emerging talents in music, art, and fashion.

This platform has become the bridge connecting these talents with a global audience, fostering genuine interactions and opening doors

for the next generation of African tastemakers, both at home and abroad.

Collaboration with WhatsApp

What’s Next for Our Homecoming?

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