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With its most recent collection “Who Are We” FW24, modern ready-to-wear brand WILO

has taken center stage in the always changing world of Nigerian fashion.

Designed for the wild and free, this collection highlights the individuality of every person in society, challenging the status quo.

Led by the visionary creative director Providence Ozichukwu, fondly known as OZIC

“Who Are We” FW24 comprises 17 looks that seamlessly blend boldness and individuality.

The collection stands as a critique of a system that often overlooks creativity until it gains mainstream approval

daring to celebrate uniqueness in its raw and unfiltered form.

OZIC, recognized as one of Nigeria’s most stylish men, brings his distinctive flair to the fore

infusing each ensemble with a sense of rebellion against sartorial conformity.

The collection goes beyond mere garments; it’s an artistic statement that urges individuals to embrace their authenticity

creating a sartorial narrative that echoes the essence of self-discovery.

From avant-garde silhouettes to vibrant color palettes, “Who Are We” FW24 transcends conventional fashion boundaries.

The collection features both male and female ensembles, providing a diverse range of styles that resonate with the brand’s commitment to inclusivity.

The creative genius behind the lens, photographer Benjamin Olisa Ojukwu, skillfully captures the essence of WILO’s vision.

His keen eye brings out the nuances in each piece, turning fashion into an art form that speaks volumes about self-expression.

models, the living canvases that breathe life into the collection:

Oluwadamilola Olufowabi

Prince Okagu

Faithful Chinedu

Ajayi Idowu Adeleke

Anie-Ibom Oyinkansola.

Special thanks are extended to Yemi Cregx, Chuks Joseph, Dotun Oloniyo, Ikenna Nnama, and Benjamin Ojukwu

whose unwavering support contributed to the realization of this groundbreaking collection.

Their collective efforts have played a pivotal role in bringing “Who Are We” FW24 to life.

In conclusion, WILO’s “Who Are We” FW24 emerges as a testament to the brand’s commitment

to pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms.

With OZIC at the helm, this collection stands as a beacon of self-expression

urging individuals to question, define, and celebrate their own unique identities.

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