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Explore the cinematic wonders of 2023 with Ekpo Magazine’s spotlight on “5 Must-Watch Nigerian Movies.”

From the epic saga of ambition in “Jagun Jagun” to the gritty streets of “Gangs of Lagos,”

Each film promises a unique journey.

Uncover the undercover world of justice in “Shanty Town,” witness the twists of love in “Big Love..”

and experience the emotional resilience of a mother in “Sista,” rated an outstanding 9/10.

Join us as we delve into the diverse narratives shaping Nigerian cinema

enriched by reviews and ratings from the esteemed “Nigerian Movies Reviews” blog.


Directed by Femi Adebayo, “JAGUN JAGUN” unfolds a gripping tale of ambition, betrayal, and love

Gbotija’s journey to become a mighty warrior takes unexpected turns when the warlord Ohundiji turns against him.

With a solid 8/10 rating from Nigerian Movies Reviews, this film promises a thrilling cinematic experience.


“GANGS OF LAGOS,” directed by Jade Osiberu, takes viewers through the bustling streets of Isale-Eko, Lagos.

The film’s exploration of political godfather exploitation and Lagos politics has sparked nationwide discussions.

With a commendable 7.8/10 rating, this movie stands out as one of the year’s most popular Nigerian releases.


A Netflix serial movie, “SHANTY TOWN,” follows a police officer’s undercover mission to avenge her sister’s death.

Starring Nollywood stars like Mercy Eke and Ini Edo

the series uncovers layers of evil beyond the initial mission.

Despite mixed reviews, the series holds a rating of 5/10, offering a unique blend of suspense and intrigue.


Directed by Biodun Stephen, “BIG LOVE” explores the complexities of relationships.

The plot takes an unexpected turn when Adina discovers that Adil is not the father of her child.

With a rating of 6.5/10, this film delves into the intricacies of love and trust

providing audiences with a thought-provoking experience.


“SISTA” delivers an emotionally charged narrative about a resilient young lady abandoned by her children’s father.

Working tirelessly to provide for her family, she faces unexpected challenges when he reappears.

Garnering an outstanding 9/10 rating, this movie, available on Prime TV, promises a powerful and heartfelt cinematic journey.

In the diverse landscape of Nigerian cinema, these five movies stand out

as compelling narratives that captivate audiences with their unique storytelling, cultural relevance, and stellar performances.

Whether exploring themes of ambition, political intrigue, undercover missions

relationship complexities, or familial bonds, each film contributes to the rich tapestry of Nigerian cinema in 2023.

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