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Welcome to Ekpo magazine’s December styling tips.
We’ve highlighted 5 easy tips on how to stay “swagged out” in December and keep it stylish this Christmas season.

Over the course of the year, we have put out several pieces on how our guys can keep it fresh and stylish.

From footwear essentials to affordable wardrobe options and general style tips, ekpo has got you covered.

December is arguably the most crucial time to sort out wardrobe problems.

Aside the fact that the weather is expected to change, and you’d have to consider

the type of garments you’d normally wear, but you also most likely have a ton of holiday gift shopping to do

so I’m pretty sure you’re on a tight budget.

Even if you don’t plan to go for a lot of events in December

it’s almost impossible that you won’t leave your house for one or two functions.

Especially if you live in a big city.
That being said, here are a few tips we think could help with sorting out what to wear in December.


I can assure you that you know at least 3 people that make clothes or own a brand.

You’ll probably find at least one of them interesting or cool. Why not take a bet on them?
Rather than spending a ton of money shopping online and hustling for Christmas sales.
Why not support a friend and stand out?
Besides, there’s a lot more sentimental value in a piece gotten from a brand you have a personal relationship with.

it just gives the garment so much more character when you wear it.


Have you actually tried putting the pieces in your wardrobe together?

Chances are you’re not exploring the styling options in your wardrobe

before concluding you don’t have anything to wear.

This should be the first point on the list actually, really check your wardrobe.
get inspiration from the stylish people you know.

If you’re a guy, check out some of the most stylish men you know (we put together a list incase you don’t know any)

and see how they put some of their pieces together.

Yes, the chances are slim that you have a balenciaga mule to pair with jeans like TG omori

but you can pair your own locally made mule with your own pair of jeans.

The point is to try new styling methods that you haven’t considered with pieces that you already have.


This might not necessarily be a cheaper option but it’s definitely one worth considering

especially if you fall into the “Detty December” category.

In the end nothing beats Having something made specifically for you.

you can also take inspiration from stylish people for this.

check their fits and look out for something you’d look and feel confident in.
You can ask around for a good and reliable tailor (emphasis on reliable)

and have them make something tailored to you or similar to your inspiration.

From leisure wear to kaftans
It doesn’t matter, as long as you are confident in it.

4.SWAP !

This is an unconventional approach, but it’s last-minute, and you can still save your December fits.
Try swapping clothes.
If you’re really into fashion and have a couple of friends that are into fashion as well,
The chances are you’ve already done some swapping so you should be familiar with this
If you’ve got some pieces that you could trade for other nice stuff…why not ?
Just visit that fashion friend of yours that has the same style as you or wears the size and see if you can strike a good bargain.


Last but not least, in our December styling tips is getting a statement piece

like a Jacket or hoodie and accessorizing can really pull your fit from a zero to hundred.
You might not need to necessarily get new clothes

Just going out of your way to get a statement piece to pair with your outfit will do the trick to keep you stylish.

same with jewelry and accessories.

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