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Daniel Obasi is the new art director at BLOKE.

the multi medium artist replaced founder and creative director, faith Oluwajimi

as the artistic director of the 2023 LVMH semi-finalist brand.

faith announced the appointment via instagram

stating that he occupied several creative titles at BLOKE over the span of 8 years

and is willing to step down.

he also stated that Daniel will work in a collaboration with him

in an effort to spear head a new frontier

in BLOKE’s quest to (stay with me)….

communicate a progressive global company with firm roots in Africa.

something the brand is very much on course with.

to give a brief history on BLOKE’s new art director

Daniel Obasi is a well versed Nigerian Art director, stylist and photographer

based in Lagos, Nigeria.

in SHOWSTUDIO’s words, His aesthetics as an artist are best described as

whimsical, soft, ethereal and afrocentric.

the artist constantly challenges gender roles and sexuality in his work

especially how masculinity and the male gender is perceived

in the traditional African setting.

obasi’s work has been featured on VOGUE US, VOGUE Portugal, Architectural Digest

Rolling-stone UK, i-D, CNN Africa, Indie magazine, and Financial Times

just to name a few.

Obasi’s view on “advancing the scope of African narratives

through visual mediums” aligns perfectly

with BLOKE’s vision to forge new pathways

for ( I hope you’re still with me) cultural exploration with an Avant-garde

approach to textiles and knitwear.

last year, in a brief interview with “the lonely planet”

the artist spoke about his work, home town and influences.

check it out below.

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